How to apply

Study in Latvia

Why Study in Latvia?

Latvia has made a successful and fascinating transition from Soviet Republic to member of NATO and the EU.

The University of Latvia, the largest university in the Baltic States, is located in the historical capital of Riga (founded in 1201). With its medieval architecture and cobble stone streets, extravagant Art Nouveau buildings and manicured 19th-century parks, the city has plenty to offer for all tastes. Programs in English at the University of Latvia include a Baltic Studies program, Economics and Management courses, and Latvian and Russian language courses (Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced levels).

Benefits of studying in Latvia
  • Bachelor/Master/Phd Programs are available.
  • Low cost of Living Rs. 15000/ month.
  • 5000 USD funds required for the visa.
  • 2 years Master's eligible for the PhD further.
  • Internship options available for some programs.
  • Easy Visa Processing.
  • Attractive Tuition Fees.
  • 20 Hrs Part time work allowed.
  • Government approved Universities.
  • On-campus accommodation.
Education System

Bachelor Degree - Student who had passed 12 years of school are eligible to apply.

Master Degree - Student who have 3 Year bachelor in related field. (For Some programs work exp. Is required).

PHD - Student with 2 Year Master n related field can apply.

MBA - Any Bachelor Degree + One year work experience preferred.

Scholarships: Latvian Government is offering schorlarship for Non European Students. The amount of the Latvian Scholarship for studies is:

  • For Bachelor and Master Students - 700 USD per month.
  • For PhD students - 940 USD per month.

The Latvian scholarship holders are not exempt from the tuition fee. Scholarship can be used for covering the tuition fee or accommodation and living costs.

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